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Restore access until the youngest child is 16 years or 18 if impacted by gendered violence. No longer a ‘parent’ but ‘unemployed’ when child is 8 years, just too young. No surprise that sole parent families have a poverty rate of 44%, 3 times that of couple families (13%).

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ACOSS Report

 Antipoverty Week Fact Sheet 

A fair future. An increase of up to 20% of overall social security spending will deliver strong benefits, increasing most working age payments and reducing poverty rates for those recipients by up to 75%.

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Brotherhood of St. Laurence (BSL) &  Social Ventures Australia Report

$5,000 safety packages.  Replicate the DV Impact Cash Transfer project Respect, hope and efficient. Women need to access support at different times and beyond separation. Safety is fragile.

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Full Stop Foundation putting domestic violence survivors in the driver’s seat with help from NRMA Insurance



The  debt is $1.7B and growing. Confidence in the scheme is rocked as it continues to fail 1.2 million children. Time for change.

Pay the $1.7 B Debt

All customers lodge annual tax returns

Link payments to credit ratings.

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Debts and Disappointment: Mothers’ Experiences of the Child Support System 

A contentious pre-employment program that continues to operate despite human rights concerns. Establish a voluntary future planning service with financial support. Developed by single mums for single mums. 

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Statement from the Australian Human Rights Commission 


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